Tom Wilson

  • nar. 27.8.1880
    Helena, Montana, USA
  • zem. 19.2.1965 (84 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1963 Vlastní žena se nekritizuje
1961 Roztržitý profesor
1959 Hoši z Filadelfie
The FBI Story
1958 Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!
1957 Peyton Place
Příběh Helen Morganové
Top Secret Affair
1956 Jednou nohou v pekle
Miracle in the Rain
Three Brave Men
1955 Illegal
So You Want to Be on a Jury
The Shrike
Válečný pokřik
1954 Phantom of the Rue Morgue
Zrodila se hvězda
1953 System, The
Žena bližního tvého
1952 Podivné okouzlení
Room for One More
The Story of Will Rogers
The Winning Team
1951 I'll See You in My Dreams
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison
Lightning Strikes Twice
The Enforcer
Tomorrow Is Another Day
1950 Highway 301
Perfect Strangers
Pretty Baby
The Great Jewel Robber
1949 A Kiss in the Dark
John Loves Mary
1948 Embraceable You
1947 Nora Prentiss
Stallion Road
The Unfaithful
1946 Uloupený život
1944 Pan Skeffington
Shine On, Harvest Moon
Trial by Trigger
1943 Konvoj do Murmanska
Northern Pursuit
1942 The Big Shot
1941 Bad Men of Missouri
Bullets for O'Hara
Cheers for Miss Bishop
Footsteps in the Dark
One Foot in Heaven
Strange Alibi
The Wagons Roll at Night
Those Good Old Days
Three Sons o' Guns
To je John Doe
Četař York
1940 Always a Bride
An Angel from Texas
Castle on the Hudson
City for Conquest
Gambling On the High Seas
Jezdci noci
Money and the Woman
Pony Express Days
River's End
South of Suez
Tekuté zlato
The Man Who Talked Too Much
Torrid Zone
Tugboat Annie Sails Again
1939 Angels Wash Their Faces
Daughters Courageous
Devil's Island
Dust Be My Destiny
Hell's Kitchen
Indianapolis Speedway
Kid Nightingale
King of the Underworld
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter
On Your Toes
Private Detective
Slapsie Maxie's
Smashing the Money Ring
The Kid from Kokomo
They Made Me a Criminal
We Are Not Alone
Women in the Wind
You Can't Get Away with Murder
1938 Crime School
He Couldn't Say No
Heart of the North
My Bill
Nancy Drew -- Detective
Over the Wall
Penrod and His Twin Brother
Penrod's Double Trouble
Romance Road
Sergeant Murphy
The Sisters
Torchy Blane in Panama
Valley of the Giants
1937 Alcatraz Island
Blazing Sixes
Land Beyond the Law
Midnight Court
Missing Witnesses
Once a Doctor
Public Wedding
She Loved a Fireman
Smart Blonde
Submarine D-1
The Adventurous Blonde
The Cherokee Strip
The Go-Getter
They Won't Forget
Varsity Show
White Bondage
Wine, Women and Horses
1936 Bullets or Ballots
Down the Stretch
Early to Bed
Earthworm Tractors
Gold Diggers of 1937
Hot Money
King of Hockey
Law in Her Hands, The
Love Begins at Twenty
Public Enemy's Wife
Road Gang
Romance in the Air
The Big Noise
The Captain's Kid
The Singing Kid
The White Angel
Trailin' West
Treachery Rides the Range
1935 'G' Men
A Night at the Ritz
Captain Blood
Dr. Socrates
Go Into Your Dance
Going Highbrow
Keystone Hotel
Mary Jane's Pa
Moonlight on the Prairie
Personal Maid's Secret
Sweet Music
1934 6 Day Bike Rider
Murder in the Clouds
Nový život
Ostrov pokladů
Sweet Adeline
The Circus Clown
The Firebird
The Personality Kid
The Secret Bride
The St. Louis Kid
1933 Blondie Johnson
Bureau of Missing Persons
From Headquarters
Girl Missing
Lost in Limehouse
Parachute Jumper
Picture Snatcher
The Chief
The Mind Reader
1932 Mr. Bride
The Engineer's Daughter; or, Iron Minnie's Revenge
The Phantom Express
1931 Oh! Oh! Cleopatra
The Great Junction Hotel
The Vice Squad
1930 Big Boy
Road to Paradise
The Big House
The Doorway to Hell
1929 Dark Skies
Strong Boy
Valiant, The
1928 Pioneer Scout
Riley the Cop
1927 Bring Home the Turkey
Ham and Eggs at the Front
No Control
When a Man Loves
1926 Across the Pacific
Frigovy cesty ke kráse a síle
The Rainmaker
1925 American Pluck
California Straight Ahead
Madame Behave
Manhattan Madness
Seven Days
The Best Bad Man
The Million Dollar Handicap
What Fools Men
1924 Fools in the Dark
His Darker Self
On Time
Secrets of the Night
The Heart Buster
1923 Goodbye Girls
Itching Palms
Little Johnny Jones
Soft Boiled
The Courtship of Myles Standish
The Remittance Woman
1922 Alias Julius Caesar
Frigo dědicem
Red Hot Romance
Reported Missing
1921 Kid
Scrap Iron
The Vagrant
Two Minutes to Go
1920 Don't Ever Marry
Isobel or The Trail's End
Opiový král San Franciska
Sink or Swim
The Soft Boiled Yegg
1919 Chaplin vesnickým hrdinou
Professor, The
The Greatest Question
V neděli odpoledne
1918 Cheating the Public
Dobrý voják Charlie
Hungry Lions in a Hospital
Malá Amarilka z Prádelní uličky
Psí život
Who's Your Father?
1917 An Old Fashioned Young Man
Chaplin vystěhovalcem
Pay Me!
Roaring Lions and Wedding Bells
Wild and Woolly
Yankee Way, The
1916 Americano, The
Atta Boy's Last Race
Children Pay, The
Reggie Mixes In
The Little Liar
The Mystery of the Leaping Fish
1915 A Yankee from the West
Emerald Brooch, The
Little Marie
Martyrs of the Alamo
The Highbinders
The Lucky Transfer
Zrození národa
1914 Another Chance
Mother's Influence, A

TV seriály

1962 The Dakotas (TV seriál)
1957 Sugarfoot (TV seriál)


1975 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? - a.z.

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