Paul Guilfoyle

  • nar. 14.7.1902
    Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  • zem. 27.6.1961 (58 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1960 Boy and the Pirates, The
1955 Chief Crazy Horse
Ne jako cizinec
1954 Apač
The Golden Idol
1953 Diamond Queen, The
Julius Caesar
The Body Beautiful
Torch Song
1952 Actor's and Sin
Confidence Girl
Japanese War Bride
1951 Journey Into Light
When I Grow Up
1950 Bomba and the Hidden City
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
1949 Bílý žár
Follow Me Quietly
I Married a Communist
Mighty Joe Young
Miss Mink of 1949
The Judge
There's a Girl in My Heart
Woman's Secret, A
1948 Trouble Preferred
1947 Messenger of Peace
Roses Are Red
Second Chance
Sinbad the Sailor
The Millerson Case
1946 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
The Scarlet Horseman
The Virginian
1945 The Missing Corpse
Why Girls Leave Home
1944 Dark Shadows
Mark of the Whistler, The
Sedmý kříž
Stalo se zítra
The Master Race
1943 Petticoat Larceny
Severní hvězda
Three Russian Girls
White Savage
1942 Incredible Stranger, The
Madero of Mexico
The Man Who Returned to Life
Time to Kill
Who Is Hope Schuyler?
1941 The Saint in Palm Springs
1940 Abraham Lincoln
Brother Orchid
East of the River
Hrozny hněvu
Millionaires in Prison
One Crowded Night
Remember the Night
The Saint Takes Over
Wildcat Bus
1939 Boy Slaves
Heritage of the Desert
Money to Loan
News Is Made at Night
One Hour to Live
Our Leading Citizen
Pacific Liner
Society Lawyer
Story of Alfred Nobel, The
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Unexpected Father
1938 Blind Alibi
Crashing Hollywood
Double Danger
Fugitives for a Night
I'm from the City
Law of the Underworld
Leopardí žena
Maid's Night Out
Sky Giant
Stage Fright
Tarnished Angel
The Law West of Tombstone
The Saint in New York
This Marriage Business
Vzdušné zámky
1937 Behind the Headlines
Danger Patrol
Fight for Your Lady
Flight From Glory
Quick Money
Sea Devils
She's Got Everything
The Big Shot
The Soldier and the Lady
The Woman I Love
You Can't Beat Love
You Can't Buy Luck
1936 End of the Trail
Roaming Lady
Two-Fisted Gentleman
Wanted! Jane Turner
You May Be Next!
1935 Case of the Missing Man
Special Agent
The Crime of Doctor Crespi
Too Tough to Kill
Útěk z Ďábelských ostrovů
1932 The Skull Murder Mystery

TV seriály

1958 Sea Hunt (TV seriál)
1957 Captain David Grief (TV seriál)
1956 The Sheriff of Cochise (TV seriál)
1955 Gunsmoke (TV seriál)
Jungle Jim (TV seriál)
Science Fiction Theatre (TV seriál)
Soldiers of Fortune (TV seriál)
Star Stage (TV seriál)
1954 Climax! (TV seriál)
1953 Your Favorite Story (TV seriál)
1952 China Smith (TV seriál)
Mr. & Mrs. North (TV seriál)
The Unexpected (TV seriál)
1951 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV seriál)
1950 Racket Squad (TV seriál)
Space Patrol (TV seriál)

Režijní filmografie


1960 Tess of the Storm Country
1954 A Life at Stake
1953 Captain Scarface

TV seriály

1959 Lock Up (TV seriál)
1958 Lawman (TV seriál)
Sea Hunt (TV seriál)
U.S. Marshal (TV seriál)
1957 Colt .45 (TV seriál)
Men of Annapolis (TV seriál)
Official Detective (TV seriál)
Sugarfoot (TV seriál)
Tombstone Territory (TV seriál)
1956 Dr. Christian (TV seriál)
The Sheriff of Cochise (TV seriál)
1955 Highway Patrol (TV seriál)
Science Fiction Theatre (TV seriál)
1954 Public Defender (TV seriál)
Waterfront (TV seriál)
1950 Racket Squad (TV seriál)

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