Earle Hodgins

  • nar. 6.10.1893
    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • zem. 14.4.1964 (70 let)
    Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Herecká filmografie


1962 Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
Saintly Sinners
1960 Kdo seje vítr
1959 Přestřelka v Dodge City
1958 Mardi Gras
Missouri Traveler, The
1957 The D.I.
The Oklahoman
Up in Smoke
1956 Nejrychlejší střelec
The First Traveling Saleslady
The Young Guns
1955 Frajeři a saze
Na východ od ráje
Ne jako cizinec
1954 Bitter Creek
Forty-Niners, The
1953 City of Bad Men
Great Jesse James Raid, The
The Girl Who Had Everything
Thunder Over the Plains
1952 And Now Tomorrow
Boots Malone
Cripple Creek
Osamělá hvězda
1951 Al Jennings of Oklahoma
Callaway Went Thataway
Cause for Alarm!
Journey Into Light
Nevada Badmen
Passage West
Show Boat
Texas Carnival
The Strip
Westward the Women
1950 Bunco Squad
Cesta bez návratu
Copper Canyon
David Harding, Counterspy
He's a Cockeyed Wonder
Return of Jesse James, The
Savage Horde, The
Square Dance Katy
The Petty Girl
1949 Blazing Guns - a.z.
Canadian Pacific
Henry, the Rainmaker
I Married a Communist
Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters
Radio Riot
Sheriff of Wichita
Slightly French
Song of Surrender
The Great Dan Patch
1948 Bledá tvář
Borrowed Trouble
If You Knew Susie
Jiggs and Maggie in Court
Let's Live Again
Oklahoma Badlands
Old Los Angeles
Return of the Bad Men
Silent Conflict
The Hunted
The Main Street Kid
Velké hodiny
Whispering Smith
1947 'Fun on a Week-End'
Blaze of Noon
Calendar Girl
Desire Me
Hollywood Barn Dance
Key Witness
Moře trávy
Oregon Trail Scouts
Return of Rin Tin Tin, The
Song of the Thin Man
The Beginning or the End
The Marauders
Unexpected Guest
Vigilantes of Boomtown
1946 Accomplice
Crime of the Century
Deadline at Dawn
Down Missouri Way
Fool's Gold
Gallant Journey
Gun Town
Live Wires
My Pal Trigger
Nejlepší léta našeho života
Partners in Time
Rustler's Round-up
That Brennan Girl
The Bachelor's Daughters
The Devil's Playground
The Last Crooked Mile
Traffic in Crime
Valley of the Zombies
1945 Bedside Manner
Behind City Lights
Bells of Rosarita
Crime, Inc.
Delightfully Dangerous
Frisco Sal
G.I. Honeymoon
Love, Honor and Goodbye
Muž z Jihu
Oregon Trail
Phantom of the Plains
The Horn Blows at Midnight
The Topeka Terror
Under Western Skies
1944 Aljaška
Americká romance
Barbary Coast Gent
Firebrands of Arizona
Forty Thieves
Hidden Valley Outlaws
My Gal Loves Music
Mystery of the River Boat
Practically Yours
Riders of the Santa Fe
Sensations of 1945
Sing, Neighbor, Sing
Stalo se zítra
Swing in the Saddle
The San Antonio Kid
The Utah Kid
Trailin' West
1943 Avenging Rider, The
Bar 20
Border Patrol
Buckskin Frontier
Calling Dr. Death
Colt Comrades
Crazy House
False Colors
Frontier Badmen
Frontier Law
Gangway for Tomorrow
Gildersleeve's Bad Day
He's My Guy
Hi'ya, Chum
Hoppy Serves a Writ
King of the Cowboys
Ladies' Day
My Kingdom for a Cook
Riders of the Deadline
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
The Batman
The Blocked Trail
The Lone Star Trail
The Man from the Rio Grande
Thumbs Up
1942 Call of the Canyon
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Fall In
Freckles Comes Home
Inside the Law
Laugh Your Blues Away
My Favorite Spy
Pýcha Yankeeů
Red River Robin Hood
Riding the Wind
Scattergood Rides High
Scattergood Survives a Murder
Shut My Big Mouth
Silver Queen
The Bashful Bachelor
The Old Chisholm Trail
The Power of God
USS VD: Ship of Shame
Undercover Man
Village Smithy, The
1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
Burma Convoy
Criminals Within
Dude Cowboy
Fighting Bill Fargo
Keep 'Em Flying
Las Vegas Nights
Sailors on Leave
Scattergood Baines
Scattergood Pulls the Strings
Sierra Sue
Sing for Your Supper
Sunset in Wyoming
The People vs. Dr. Kildare
Under Age
1940 Bad Man from Red Butte
Boss of Bullion City
I'm Still Alive
Law and Order
Men Against the Sky
Mexican Spitfire
Moje nejmilejší žena
Sagebrush Family Trails West, The
Santa Fe Marshal
Strike Up the Band
Tekuté zlato
The Captain Is a Lady
The Range Busters
The Singing Dude
Trail of the Vigilantes
Under Texas Skies
1939 Almost a Gentleman
Daredevils of the Red Circle
Dodge City
Fixer Dugan
Home on the Prairie
Long Shot
Man of Conquest
Panama Lady
Range War
The Day the Bookies Wept
The Spellbinder
Thunder Afloat
1938 Barefoot Boy
Call the Mesquiteers
Flaming Frontiers
Four's a Crowd
Frontier Town
Last Stand, The
Lawless Valley
Man from Music Mountain
Next Time I Marry
Partners of the Plains
Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
Pride of the West
Tarnished Angel
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
The Old Barn Dance
The Purple Vigilantes
The Rangers' Round-Up
Under Western Stars
1937 All Over Town
Get Rich Quick Porky
Headin' East
Heroes of the Alamo
Hills of Old Wyoming
I Cover the War!
Law for Tombstone
Lawman Is Born, A
Mountain Justice
Nation Aflame
Outlaws of the Prairie
Range Defenders
Roaring Six Guns
Round-Up Time in Texas
Sky Racket
Smoke Tree Range
Texas Trail
Trail of Vengeance
1936 Aces and Eights
Border Caballero
Come Closer, Folks
Crash Donovan
Děvče z baru
Ghost-Town Gold
Guns and Guitars
King of Burlesque
Oh, Susanna!
Ridin' On
The Singing Cowboy
The Walking Dead
Ticket to Paradise
Village Smithy, The
1935 Harmony Lane
Little Big Shot
Moonlight on the Prairie
Rajské údolí
Texas Rambler, The
The Affair of Susan
The Bishop Misbehaves
The Cyclone Ranger
The Perfect Gentleman
1934 The Circus Clown
Two Alone
1932 Hell's House

TV seriály

1962 The Twilight Zone (TV seriál)
Kick the Can (S03E21)
1961 Bus Stop (TV seriál)
1960 Guestward Ho! (TV seriál)
Overland Trail (TV seriál)
Westerner, The (TV seriál)
1959 Five Fingers (TV seriál)
Law of the Plainsman (TV seriál)
Mr. Lucky (TV seriál)
Pony Express (TV seriál)
Rawhide (TV seriál)
Riverboat (TV seriál)
Shotgun Slade (TV seriál)
This Man Dawson (TV seriál)
Wichita Town (TV seriál)
1958 Decision (TV seriál)
Lawman (TV seriál)
Mackenzie's Raiders (TV seriál)
Mister Ed (TV seriál)
Rescue 8 (TV seriál)
The Donna Reed Show (TV seriál)
The Rifleman (TV seriál)
Wanted: Dead or Alive (TV seriál)
1957 Colt .45 (TV seriál)
Harbor Command (TV seriál)
Have Gun - Will Travel (TV seriál)
Man Without a Gun (TV seriál)
Maverick (TV seriál)
Men of Annapolis (TV seriál)
Sugarfoot (TV seriál)
The Restless Gun (TV seriál)
Tombstone Territory (TV seriál)
1956 Judge Roy Bean (TV seriál)
Zane Grey Theater (TV seriál)
1955 Cheyenne (TV seriál)
Gunsmoke (TV seriál)
Highway Patrol (TV seriál)
TV Reader's Digest (TV seriál)
1954 Lassie (TV seriál)
Stories of the Century (TV seriál)
1953 City Detective (TV seriál)
Your Favorite Story (TV seriál)
1952 Cavalcade of America (TV seriál)
Hopalong Cassidy (TV seriál)
The Ford Television Theatre (TV seriál)
The Unexpected (TV seriál)
1951 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV seriál)
Boston Blackie (TV seriál)
Dragnet (TV seriál)
Red Ryder (TV seriál)
Sky King (TV seriál)
The Range Rider (TV seriál)
The Roy Rogers Show (TV seriál)
1950 The Cisco Kid (TV seriál)
The Gene Autry Show (TV seriál)
1949 The Lone Ranger (TV seriál)
1947 Public Prosecutor (TV seriál)

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