Michael Mark

  • nar. 15.3.1886
    Mogilev, Ruské impérium
  • zem. 3.2.1975 (88 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1969 Hello, Dolly!
1968 Funny Girl
1967 Průvodce ženatého muže
1966 Peril from the Planet Mongo (TV film) - a.z.
Purple Death from Outer Space (TV film) - a.z.
1959 City of Fear
Return of the Fly
The Big Fisherman
The Wasp Woman
1958 Attack of the Puppet People
Bratři Karamazovi
Too Much, Too Soon
1957 Book of Acts Series, The
Hedvábné punčochy
Jet Pilot
1956 Death of a Scoundrel
Desatero přikázání
Jednou nohou v pekle
Rock Around the Clock
Rumble on the Docks
1955 Son of Sinbad
The Big Combo
1954 Stříbrný kalich
1953 Phantom from Space
The Juggler
1952 Chained for Life
Desert Passage
The Merry Widow
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
1951 Mask of the Avenger
Quo Vadis
The People Against O'Hara
1950 Once a Thief
This Side of the Law
1949 Clues to Adventure - a.z.
Follow Me Quietly
Search for Danger
1948 Appointment with Murder
Devil's Cargo
Dopis neznámé
Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad
The Vicious Circle
1947 Joe Palooka in the Knockout
Northwest Outpost
The Exile
The Pretender
The Trespasser
1946 Gentleman Joe Palooka
Joe Palooka, Champ
The Fighting Guardsman
1945 Cornered
Crime, Inc.
The Great Flamarion
Zpátky do Bataan
1944 Frankensteinův hrad
None Shall Escape
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1943 Background to Danger
Hitler's Madman
Mission to Moscow
1942 Casablanca
Frankensteinův duch
Men of San Quentin
Road to Morocco
Tajná zbraň
1941 Mr. Celebrity
1940 Arise, My Love
City for Conquest
Comrade X
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
The House of the Seven Gables
The Mummy's Hand
The Son of Monte Cristo
1939 Balalaika
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
Frankensteinův syn
Lady of the Tropics
Paris Honeymoon
Society Smugglers
Tower of London
1938 Ride a Crooked Mile
Swiss Miss
The Face Behind the Mask
1937 Confession
Missing Witnesses
Prescription for Romance
The King and the Chorus Girl
1936 Anthony Adverse
Sons o' Guns
That Girl from Paris
The Dark Hour
The King Steps Out
Ticket to Paradise
Zahrada Allahova
1935 All the King's Horses
Black Fury
Crime and Punishment
Mad Love
Paris in Spring
The Black Room
The Glass Key
The Last Days of Pompeii
The Night Is Young
Woman Wanted
1934 British Agent
Marie Galante
One Night of Love
Stamboul Quest
Wharf Angel
Černá kočka
1933 Cradle Song
I Am Suzanne!
Křivdila mu
Laughter in Hell
Luxury Liner
Notorious But Nice
Noční let
The Kiss Before the Mirror
The Way to Love
Tonight Is Ours
Římské aféry
1932 Rasputin and the Empress
Roar of the Dragon
Six Hours to Live
World and the Flesh
1931 Ambassador Bill
The Guardsman
The Yellow Ticket
1930 Chléb náš vezdejší
Remote Control
1929 Noisy Noises
Thin Twins
1928 Four Sons
Napoleon's Barber
The Woman Disputed

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.
1959 Bold Venture (TV seriál)
Rawhide (TV seriál)
1958 Target (TV seriál)
1956 The Man Called X (TV seriál)
1955 Highway Patrol (TV seriál)
MGM Parade (TV seriál) - a.z.
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (TV seriál)
1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál) - a.z.
Passport to Danger (TV seriál)
1952 Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson (TV seriál)
Dangerous Assignment (TV seriál)
Gang Busters (TV seriál)
1951 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV seriál)
The Living Christ Series (TV seriál)
1950 The Cisco Kid (TV seriál)


1999 Nestvůra při měsíci! Nesmrtelný příběh vlčího muže - a.z.
1938 Breakdowns of 1938


TV pořady

1948 Toast of the Town (TV pořad)

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