Richard C. Currier

  • nar. 26.8.1892
    Denver, Colorado, USA
  • zem. 14.12.1984 (92 let)
    El Toro, California, USA


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Střihačská filmografie


1959 Daddy-O
The Cosmic Man
1953 Border City Rustlers
Secret of Outlaw Flats
Two Gun Marshal
1951 Cattle Queen
Tales of Robin Hood
1950 Border Outlaws
1949 The Lawton Story
There's a Girl in My Heart
Wild Weed
1946 High School Hero
Swing Parade
Wife Wanted
1945 China's Little Devils
Mom and Dad
Navždy tvá
Newyorské předměstí
The Scarlet Clue
Trouble Chasers
1944 Aljaška
Belita tančí
Call of the Jungle
Detective Kitty O'Day
Fig Leaf for Eve, A
Hot Rhythm
Leave It to the Irish
1943 Campus Rhythm
Melody Parade
Mystery of the 13th Guest
Nearly Eighteen
Revenge of the Zombies
Silver Skates
Taxi, Mister
The Sultan's Daughter
Women in Bondage
Yanks Ahoy!
1942 Criminal Investigator
Fall In
Flying with Music
Hay Foot
The McGuerins from Brooklyn
1941 King of the Zombies
Military Training
Miss Polly
Tanks a Million
1937 A Doctor's Diary
1936 The Return of Sophie Lang
Till We Meet Again
Wives Never Know
Woman Trap
1935 Here Comes Cookie
Man on the Flying Trapeze
People Will Talk
The Virginia Judge
1934 Elmer and Elsie
Many Happy Returns
Melody in Spring
1933 Bring 'Em Back a Wife
Fallen Arches
Fish Hooky
Girl Without a Room
Mama Loves Papa
Too Much Harmony
Wreckety Wrecks
1932 Alum and Eve
Any Old Port!
Birthday Blues
First in War
Free Eats
Free Wheeling
Girl Grief
Hook and Ladder
Hot Spot
In Walked Charley
Lad an' a Lamp, A
Laurel a Hardy obětmi prohibice
Les carottiers
Love Pains
Mr. Bride
Nickel Nurser, The
Now We'll Tell One
Old Bull, The
Pack Up Your Troubles
Pooch, The
Readin' and Writin'
Red Noses
Show Business
Sneak Easily
Soilers, The
Strange Innertube
Strictly Unreliable
Taxi for Two
The Chimp
The Knockout
The Music Box
The Tabasco Kid
Their First Mistake
Too Many Women
Towed in a Hole
V nemocnici
What Price Taxi
Wild Babies!
You're Telling Me
Young Ironsides
1931 Air-Tight
Alma de la fiesta, El
Bargain Day
Be Big!
Beau Hunks
Big Ears
Blood and Thunder
Calaveras, Los
Call a Cop!
Catch-As Catch-Can
Chickens Come Home
Come Clean
Dogs Is Dogs
Fly My Kite
Hasty Marriage, The
Helping Grandma
High Gear
La señorita de Chicago
Laughing Gravy
Laurel a Hardy se žení
Let's Do Things
Little Daddy
Love Business
Love Fever
Mama Loves Papa
On the Loose
One Good Turn
One of the Smiths
Panic Is On, The
Pardon Us
Rough Seas
Shiver My Timbers
Skip the Maloo!
The Kick-Off!
The Pajama Party
The Pip From Pittsburgh
Thundering Tenors
War Mamas
1930 All Teed Up
Another Fine Mess
Bear Shooters
Below Zero
Bigger and Better
Chercheuses d'or
Doctor's Orders
Dollar Dizzy
Fast Work
Fifty Million Husbands
First Seven Years, The
Girl Shock
High C's
Hog Wild
Joueur de golf, Le
Jugador de golf, El
Ladies Last
Las fantasmas
Locuras de amor
Looser Than Loose
Night Owls
Noche de duendes
Príncipe del dólar, El
Pups Is Pups
School's Out
Shivering Shakespeare
Spuk um Mitternacht, Der
Teacher's Pet
The Fighting Parson
The Head Guy
The King
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
The Real McCoy
The Shrimp
Tiembla y Titubea
Tough Winter, A
Vida nocturna, La
When the Wind Blows
Whispering Whoopee
1929 Angora Love
Bacon Grabbers
Big Business
Big Squawk, The
Bouncing Babies
Boxing Gloves
Cat, Dog & Co.
Crazy Feet
Dad's Day
Dobrodružství ve spacím voze
Election Day
Fast Freight
Hotter Than Hot
Hurdy Gurdy
Lazy Days
Leaping Love
Little Mother
Loud Soup
Madame Q
Men O'War
Moan & Groan, Inc.
Movie Night
Není princ jako princ
Noisy Noises
Perfect Day
Saturday's Lesson
Skirt Shy
Small Talk
Snappy Sneezer
The Holy Terror
The Hoose-Gow
The Unkissed Man
They Go Boom!
Thin Twins
Thundering Toupees
To je má žena
Unaccustomed As We Are
When Money Comes
Why Is a Plumber?
Wiggle Your Ears
Wrong Again
1928 Aching Youths
All Parts
All for Nothing
Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
Blow by Blow
Booster, The
Came the Dawn
Chasing Husbands
Crazy House
Do Gentlemen Snore?
Dumb Daddies
Early to Bed
Edison, Marconi & Co.
Fair and Muddy
Family Group, The
Feed 'em and Weep
From Soup to Nuts
Galloping Ghosts
Growing Pains
Habeas Corpus
Imagine My Embarrassment
Is Everybody Happy?
Leave 'Em Laughing
Limousine Love
Ol' Gray Hoss, The
Pass the Gravy
Rainy Days
School Begins
Should Married Men Go Home?
Should Tall Men Marry?
Should Women Drive?
Smile Wins, The
Spanking Age, The
Spook Spoofing
Tell It to the Judge
That Night
The Boy Friend
The Fight Pest
The Finishing Touch
Their Purple Moment
Two Tars
We Faw Down
Zpropadení muzikanti
1927 Baby Brother
Bring Home the Turkey
Call of the Cuckoo
Dog Heaven
Fighting Fathers
Fluttering Hearts
Hats Off
Heebee Jeebees
Love 'Em and Feed 'Em
Love 'Em and Weep
Never the Dames Shall Meet
Old Wallop, The
Olympic Games
Putting Pants on Philip
Seeing the World
Should Men Walk Home?
Slipping Wives
Sugar Daddies
Ten Years Old
The Glorious Fourth
The Lighter That Failed
The Second 100 Years
The Sting of Stings
Valley of Hell, The
Way of All Pants, The
What Every Iceman Knows
Why Girls Say No
Yale vs. Harvard
Šlehačková revoluce
1926 Baby Clothes
Be Your Age
Buried Treasure
Charley My Boy
Desert's Toll, The
Dog Shy
Good Cheer
He Forgot to Remember
Hug Bug, The
Když šla teta kolem
Long Fliv the King
Madame Mystery
Mighty Like a Moose
Monkey Business
Není kuchař jako kuchař
Nickel-Hopper, The
Raggedy Rose
Romeo a Julie
Shivering Spooks
Should Husbands Pay?
Tell 'Em Nothing
Telling Whoppers
The Fourth Alarm
There Ain't No Santa Claus
Uncle Tom's Uncle
War Feathers
What's the World Coming To?
Wife Tamers
Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes
1925 Bad Boy
Boys Will Be Joys
His Wooden Wedding
Innocent Husbands
Mary, Queen of Tots
Moonlight and Noses
Námořníci na ženění?
One Wild Ride
Should Husbands Be Watched?
Starvation Blues
The Caretaker's Daughter
Whose Baby Are You?
Wild Papa
Your Own Back Yard
1919 Her Honor, the Scrublady

TV seriály

1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál)
The Whistler (TV seriál)
1953 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (TV seriál)
The Revlon Mirror Theater (TV seriál)
1952 Chevron Theatre (TV seriál)
The Schaefer Century Theatre (TV seriál)
1951 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV seriál)
Gruen Guild Playhouse (TV seriál)


1984 Our Gang: Inside the Clubhouse (TV film)

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