Billy Bevan

  • nar. 29.9.1887
    Orange, New South Wales, Austrálie
  • zem. 26.11.1957 (70 let)
    Escondido, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1965 Tobo the Happy Clown - a.z.
1963 30 let smíchu - a.z.
1960 Lifetime of Comedy - a.z.
1952 Hans Christian Andersen
1951 Ça c'est du cinéma - a.z.
1950 Animal Antics - a.z.
Fortunes of Captain Blood
Rogues of Sherwood Forest
Three Secrets
1949 Tell It to the Judge
That Forsyte Woman
The Secret Garden
The Secret of St. Ives
1948 Let's Live a Little
The Black Arrow
The Swordsman
1947 It Had to Be You
Love from a Stranger
Moss Rose
1946 Cluny Brownová
Strach v nočním vlaku
1945 Scotland Yard Investigator
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Tonight and Every Night
1944 O Velkou cenu
Once Over Lightly - a.z.
Once Upon a Time
The Invisible Man's Revenge
The Pearl of Death
1943 Forever and a Day
Jana Eyrová
London Blackout Murders
Posvátné manželství
The Return of the Vampire
Young and Willing
1942 A Yank at Eton
Hi, Neighbor
Krásná čarodějka
Paní Miniverová
The Man Who Wouldn't Die
This Above All
1941 Confirm or Deny
Dr. Jekyll a pan Hyde
One Night in Lisbon
Scotland Yard
Serenáda za úsměv
Shining Victory
1940 Návrat neviditelného muže
The Earl of Chicago
The Long Voyage Home
Tin Pan Alley
1939 A Small Town Idol - a.z.
Arrest Bulldog Drummond
Grand Jury Secrets
Kapitán Fury
Pack Up Your Troubles
We Are Not Alone
1938 A Christmas Carol
Blond Cheat
Leopardí žena
Láska a mládí
Meet the Girls
Mysterious Mr. Moto
Shadows Over Shanghai
The Girl of the Golden West
Up the River
1937 Another Dawn
God's Country and the Woman
Její domácí přítel
Poslední otrokář
The Sheik Steps Out
The Wrong Road
1936 Champagne Charlie
Draculova dcera
Lloyd's of London
Piccadilly Jim
Private Number
Song and Dance Man
Úžasná událost
1935 A Tale of Two Cities
Black Sheep
Dressed to Thrill
Mystery Woman
The Last Outpost
The Widow from Monte Carlo
Vanessa: Her Love Story
1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
Limehouse Blues
One More River
Pestrý závoj
Ztracená patrola
1933 A Study in Scarlet
Alice in Wonderland
Looking Forward
Luxury Liner
Midnight Club
Peg o' My Heart
Pop's Pal
The Big Squeal
The Way to Love
Thundering Taxis
Too Much Harmony
Uncle Jake
1932 Honeymoon Beach
Me and My Gal
Payment Deferred
Sky Devils
Spot on the Rug, The
The Silent Witness
Vanity Fair
1931 Born to Love
Frozen Face
Londýnský most
The Spy
Who's Who in the Zoo
1930 For the Defense
For the Love o' Lil
Konec cesty
Monte Carlo
Peacock Alley
1929 Button My Back
Calling Hubby's Bluff
Caught in a Taxi
Circus Time
Don't Get Jealous
Foolish Husbands
High Voltage
Motoring Mamas
Pink Pajamas
Puckered Success
The Sky Hawk
The Trespasser
Weak But Willing
1928 Caught in the Kitchen
His New Stenographer
His Unlucky Night
Hubby's Latest Alibi
Hubby's Weekend Trip
Motorboat Mamas
Riley the Cop
The Beach Club
The Best Man
The Bicycle Flirt
The Girl from Nowhere
The Lion's Roar
1927 A Small Town Princess
Cured in the Excitement
Easy Pickings
Gold Digger of Weepah
Peaches and Plumbers
Should Sleepwalkers Marry?
The Bull Fighter
The Girl from Everywhere
The Golf Nut
1926 A Sea Dog's Tale
Circus Today
Fight Night
Flirty Four-Flushers
Hayfoot, Strawfoot?
Hoboken to Hollywood
Hubby's Quiet Little Game
Ice Cold Cocos
Masked Mamas
Muscle-Bound Music
Should Husbands Marry?
The Divorce Dodger
Trimmed in Gold
Wandering Willies
Whispering Whiskers
1925 Butter Fingers
From Rags to Britches
Honeymoon Hardships
Over Thereabouts
Skinners in Silk
Sneezing Beezers
Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies
The Iron Nag
The Lion's Whiskers
1924 East of the Water Plug
Galloping Bungalows
Little Robinson Corkscrew
Lizzies of the Field
Love's Sweet Piffle
Off His Trolley
One Spooky Night
Romeo and Juliet
The Cannon Ball Express
The Hollywood Kid
The White Sin
Three Foolish Weeks
Wall Street Blues
Wandering Waistlines
1923 Down to the Sea in Shoes
Inbad the Sailor
Nip and Tuck
One Cylinder Love
Pitfalls of a Big City
The Extra Girl
1922 Gymnasium Jim
Ma and Pa
On Patrol
The Crossroads of New York
The Duck Hunter
When Summer Comes
1921 A Small Town Idol
Astray from the Steerage
Be Reasonable
Bright Eyes
By Heck
Dabbling in Art
Home Talent
Love and Doughnuts
Love's Outcast
Made in the Kitchen
1920 Bungalow Troubles
Distilled Love
Don't Weaken!
Fresh from the City
It's a Boy
Let 'er Go
Love, Honor and Behave
Married Life
Movie Fans
My Goodness
The Gingham Girl
The Quack Doctor
The Star Boarder
1919 A Lady's Tailor
His Last False Step
Salome vs. Shenandoah
Treating 'Em Rough
Uncle Tom Without a Cabin
1918 Are Married Policemen Safe?
Her Disengagement Ring
Her Rustic Romeo
Howling Lions and Circus Queens
Miss Informed
Somebody's Widow
Waltzing Around
1917 Backward Sons and Forward Daughters
Bombs and Bandits
Counting Out the Count
Even as Him and Her
High-Class Nonsense
His Smashing Career
Joy Riders, The
1916 A Bold, Bad Breeze
Dad's Dollars and Dirty Doings
Double's Troubles, The
Gertie's Gasoline Glide
Great Smash, The
Lizzie's Lingering Love
Phoney Teeth and False Friends
Pirates of the Air
Rural Romance, A

TV seriály

1952 Your Jeweler's Showcase (TV seriál)


1982 Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter (TV film) - a.z.
1980 Hollywood (TV seriál) - a.z.
1962 Nickelodeon Days - a.z.
1961 Hollywood: The Golden Years (TV film) - a.z.
1960 Když komedie byla králem - a.z.
1957 Zlatý věk grotesky - a.z.
1943 Happy Times and Jolly Moments - a.z.
The Armless Dentist - vyp.
1942 Jail Hostess - vyp.
1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 20
Voice of Hollywood No. 11, The

Režijní filmografie


1920 The Quack Doctor


TV pořady

1961 Es darf gelacht werden (TV pořad)
1948 Toast of the Town (TV pořad)

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