Unfinished Business (S13E20) (epizoda)

Horor / Drama / Mysteriózní / Thriller / Fantasy / Komedie

USA, 2018, 42 min


Eric Kripke


Meredith Glynn


James Pickel
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  • Loki_Six

    "Oh, just a couple of Norse demigods. Okay, they're not really demigods. Look, the Norse pantheon is its own weird thing. Think of 'em more like, uh, god-begotten monsters. I killed their brother. Why? Remember when I told you what happened after I faked my death at the Elysian Motel? After Lucifer, quotation marks, killed me, I needed to lay low. Luckily, I used to hang with a pretty resourceful crew. Found me a real top-shelf hideaway. I had it made -- all the booze I could drink, all the, uh, entertainment I could handle. So this is how it ended. By the time I came to, they had sold me to Asmodeus. Fenrir, Sleipnir, and Narfi were just trying to cover their keisters. They needed to get rid of me before Lucifer figured out where they had me hidden. But selling me to that Kentucky Fried B-hole? For them? That was all profit. Roasting Asmodeus was, uh, satisfying for a hot minute. But you know one thing better than killing him? Slaughtering them all. That top one? That is for the man with the plan, the architect of my torture, and my own personal public enemy numero uno. Their papa Loki."(23.11.2018)

  • MsUtahraptor

    Jak totálně domr*it jednu z nejlepších vedlejších postav 101 + nějaká ta nezáživná dějová vložka.(27.4.2018)

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