Svatba (S02E24) (epizoda)

  • USA

    The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding

Komedie / Romantický

USA, 1996, 22 min

  • waits

    Ross: Ross, uh and uh, I'd just like to say that it did take a lot of courage for Rachel to come here tonight. And, uh, for the record she did not run out on Barry because she had syphilis. (da-doom-chesh) (to drummer) What are you doing I'm serious. Uh, the reason she walked out on, on Barry is simply that she didn't love him, which incidentally worked out pretty well for me (looks for the da-doom-chesh, and doesn't get one)..Rachel: "Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl...(6.6.2018)

  • Tommassi3

    "Chápete ?? Říct o mně, že neumím líbat, je jako říct o matce Tereze, že.. Že je špatná matka.." ;)(8.9.2018)

  • Loki_Six

    "What if the husband person is the wrong guy, and you are the right guy? I mean you don't get chances like this all the time, if you don't meet her now, you're gonna be kicking yourself when you're 80, which is hard to do, and that's how you break a hip."(9.10.2018)