Mary Gordon

  • nar. 16.5.1882
    Glasgow, Skotsko, Velká Británie
  • zem. 23.8.1963 (81 let)
    Pasadena, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1953 Kelly Finds a Fighter - a.z.
1950 The File on Thelma Jordon
West of Wyoming
1949 Challenge to Lassie
Clues to Adventure - a.z.
Deputy Marshal
Haunted Trails
Mighty Joe Young
Mr. Soft Touch
Shamrock Hill
1948 Angels' Alley
Big Town Scandal
Fort Apache
Highway 13
Lassie: Rodné stráně
Temná minulost
The Strange Mrs. Crane
The Vicious Circle
1947 Exposed
Roses Are Red
Stallion Road
Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
The Invisible Wall
The Judge Steps Out
The Long Night
1946 In Fast Company
Little Giant
Předehra k vraždě
Sentimental Journey
Shadows Over Chinatown
Sing While You Dance
Singin' in the Corn
Sister Kenny
The Dark Horse
The Hoodlum Saint
1945 Captain Eddie
Dáma v zeleném
Eadie Was a Lady
It's a Pleasure
Law of the Badlands
Pride of the Marines
See My Lawyer
Strange Confession
Vykradač hrobů
1944 Bonnie Lassie
Ever Since Venus
Follow the Leader
Hat Check Honey
Hollywood Canteen
Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Ladies Courageous
Million Dollar Kid
Music for Millions
National Barn Dance
Secret Command
Secrets of Scotland Yard
Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman
The Hour Before the Dawn
The Last Ride
The Pearl of Death
The Racket Man
1943 Forever and a Day
Here Comes Kelly
Keep 'Em Slugging
Sarong Girl
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death
Sherlock Holmes in Washington
Smart Guy
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
Two Tickets to London
Whispering Footsteps
You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith
1942 Blue, White and Perfect
Bombay Clipper
Boss of Big Town, The
Dr. Broadway
Gentleman Jim
Halfway to Shanghai
It Happened in Flatbush
Keeping Fit
Meet the Stewarts
Powder Town
Pýcha Yankeeů
Sealed Lips
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
Tajná zbraň
The Mummy's Tomb
The Strange Case of Doctor Rx
1941 Borrowed Hero
Bylo jednou zelené údolí
Dostaveníčko s láskou
Double Cross
Flight from Destiny
Pot o' Gold
Riot Squad
Unexpected Uncle
Unfinished Business
Věčná Eva
1940 Brother Orchid
I Take This Oath
Jdi na Západ
Laurel a Hardy na moři
My Son, My Son!
No, No, Nanette
Nobody's Children
Návrat neviditelného muže
Public Deb No. 1
Queen of the Mob
Slečna Kitty
Tear Gas Squad
The Invisible Woman
The Last Alarm
The Man Who Talked Too Much
When the Daltons Rode
Women Without Names
Young People
1939 Broadway Serenade
Code of the Streets
Day-Time Wife
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President
Kapitán Fury
My Son Is Guilty
Off the Record
Pan Smith přichází
Parents on Trial
Pes baskervillský
Racketeers of the Range
She Married a Cop
Tail Spin
Tell No Tales
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Jones Family in Hollywood
The Marshal of Mesa City
The Night of Nights
The Story That Couldn't Be Printed
Wings of the Navy
1938 Blond Cheat
Campus Confessions
City Streets
Hříšní andělé
Ostrov bázně
Thanks for Everything
Vacation from Love
1937 A Damsel In Distress
Double Wedding
Friend Indeed
Her Husband Lies
Lady Behave!
Married Before Breakfast
Meet the Boy Friend
Na divokém západě
Nancy Steele Is Missing!
One Man Justice
Pick a Star
Racketeers in Exile
Slečna spisovatel
That I May Live
The Great O'Malley
The Man in Blue
The Toast of New York
You're Only Young Once
1936 After the Thin Man
Forgotten Faces
Great Guy
Laughing Irish Eyes
Little Miss Nobody
Malý lord Fauntleroy
Marie Stuartovna
Share the Wealth
Stage Struck
The Lady Consents
The Plot Thickens
The Plough and the Stars
The White Angel
1935 Bonnie Scotland
Frankensteinova nevěsta
I'm a Father
Ten Dollar Raise
The Irish in Us
Vagabond Lady
Vanessa: Her Love Story
Vzpoura na lodi Bounty
Waterfront Lady
1934 A Man's Game
Change of Heart
Charlie Chan v Londýně
Cross Streets
I Give My Love
Most Precious Thing in Life
Murder at the Vanities
One More River
Our Daily Bread
The Defense Rests
The Little Minister
The Loudspeaker
The Man from Hell
The Woman Condemned
The World Moves On
Voice in the Night
Whom the Gods Destroy
1933 Brief Moment
Broadway Through a Keyhole
Doctor Bull
Footlight Parade
Her Splendid Folly
Křivdila mu
Ladies They Talk About
Laughter in Hell
Láska mezi umělci
Meet the Baron
Men Must Fight
My Woman
Nature in the Wrong
Neviditelný muž
The Kiss Before the Mirror
The Power and the Glory
The Whirlwind
The World Changes
1932 70,000 Witnesses
A Fool's Advice
Almost Married
Beauty Parlor
Dancers in the Dark
Devil's Lottery
Pack Up Your Troubles
Plavovlasá Venuše
Radio Patrol
Scandal for Sale
Texas Cyclone
The Big Timer
The Expert
The Impatient Maiden
The Trial of Vivienne Ware
Wild Girl
1931 24 Hours
A House Divided
Always Goodbye
Ladies of the Big House
Models and Wives
Subway Express
The Black Camel
1930 Anybody's Woman
Dance with Me
Duke of Dublin, The
His Honor the Mayor
Las fantasmas
Let Us Be Gay
Oh, for a Man!
Our Blushing Brides
Roaring Ranch
Seven Days' Leave
Song o' My Heart
When the Wind Blows
1929 Dynamite
Hrdinové pekel
Is Everybody Happy?
Madame X
Sunnyside Up
The Black Watch
The Saturday Night Kid
The Sky Hawk
1928 Hangman's House
Matinee Idol, The
Ol' Gray Hoss, The
Our Dancing Daughters
The Old Code
1927 Annie Laurie
Clancy's Kosher Wedding
Naughty Nanette
The Claw
1926 Black Paradise
The Dixie Flyer
1925 Dome Doctor, The
Home Maker, The
Lights of Old Broadway
One of the Bravest
The People vs. Nancy Preston

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.
1954 Malí darebáci (TV seriál) - a.z.
1950 The Cisco Kid (TV seriál)


1999 Mumie má nejdražší: Odhalení tradice hororu - a.z.

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