Frank Mclure

  • nar. 14.7.1893
    Mobile, Alabama, USA
  • zem. 23.1.1960 (66 let)
    Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1959 Nátlak
Někdo to rád horké
The Mating Game
1958 Auntie Mame
The Last Hurrah
1957 Johnny Tremain
Johnny Trouble
Sundown - město pomsty
Svědek obžaloby
1956 Back from Eternity
Best Things in Life Are Free, The
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
Někdo tam nahoře mě má rád
The Boss
Three Brave Men
Tím hůř, když padnou
1955 A Man Called Peter
Sincerely Yours
The McConnell Story
1954 Phantom of the Rue Morgue
The Raid
1953 Arena
Calamity Jane
Dangerous Crossing
Donovan's Brain
Here Come the Girls
Konečně trhák!
Rogue's March
Scared Stiff
Small Town Girl
So This Is Love
The All American
The Caddy
The French Line
Trouble Along the Way
1952 5 Fingers
About Face
Anything Can Happen
April in Paris
Because You're Mine
Hong Kong
Just for You
The Iron Mistress
1951 Golden Girl
Královská svatba
Superman and the Mole Men
1950 Black Hand
David Harding, Counterspy
For Heaven's Sake
Gambling House
Hot Rod
Stříbrný blesk
1949 Jolson Sings Again
Scene of the Crime
Všichni královi muži
1948 April Showers
Dopis neznámé
Lulu Belle
Race Street
Romance on the High Seas
Velikonoční přehlídka
Vládní prohlášení
1947 Honeymoon
It Had to Be You
Killer McCoy
Suddenly, It's Spring
Tajný život Waltera Mittyho
The Senator Was Indiscreet
1946 Below the Deadline
Don't Gamble with Strangers
Night Editor
Pověstný muž
Sister Kenny
The Hoodlum Saint
The Jolson Story
The Locket
Till the Clouds Roll by
1945 Hodiny
Identity Unknown
Incendiary Blonde
Padlý anděl
Roughly Speaking
The Big Show-Off
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Thrill of a Romance
Week-End at the Waldorf
1944 Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout
In Our Time
In the Meantime, Darling
Music for Millions
Once Upon a Time
Pan Skeffington
Wing and a Prayer
1943 Above Suspicion
Air Raid Wardens
Government Girl
I Dood It
Mission to Moscow
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday
1942 Fingers at the Window
Give Out, Sisters
Just Off Broadway
Krásnější než sen
Powder Town
Ship Ahoy
Stand by for Action
They All Kissed the Bride
Who Done It?
1941 Blonde Inspiration
I Wake Up Screaming
Las Vegas Nights
Občan Kane
The Feminine Touch
1940 Bitter Sweet
Broadway Melodie 1940
Hired Wife
I Take This Woman
Jeho dívka Pátek
Johnny Apollo
Lady with Red Hair
Tekuté zlato
The Invisible Woman
Third Finger, Left Hand
Too Many Husbands
1939 An Hour for Lunch
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President
Miracles for Sale
Pan Smith přichází
1938 Hold That Co-ed
Hold That Kiss
Hollywood Hotel
Láska a mládí
Room Service
1937 Cafe Metropole
Double Wedding
Její milionář
Man of the People
Nahá pravda
One Hundred Men and a Girl
Portia on Trial
Poznamenaná žena
The Last Of Mrs. Cheyney
1936 All American Chump
Ladies in Love
Public Enemy's Wife
Svět valčíků
Women Are Trouble
Úžasná událost
1935 Bright Lights
Noc v opeře
The Woman in Red
1934 Affairs of a Gentleman
Gambling Lady
I Like It That Way
Most Precious Thing in Life
1932 Arsène Lupin
Bláznivé natáčení
Street of Women
The Night Mayor
The Woman from Monte Carlo
1931 Blonde Crazy
City Streets
Consolation Marriage
Lover Come Back
Murder at Midnight
The Finger Points
1930 Playboy of Paris
1929 Navy Blues
Street Girl
1926 The Whole Town's Talking

TV seriály

1958 Perry Mason (TV seriál)
The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant (S02E04)
1954 Climax! (TV seriál)
The Lone Wolf (TV seriál)


1943 For God and Country

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