Bob Hope

  • nar. 29.5.1903
    Eltham, Londýn, Anglie, Velká Británie
  • zem. 27.7.2003 (100 let)
    Toluca Lake, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


2014 America's Clown: An Intimate Biography of Red Skelton - a.z.
1995 Young Comedians (TV film)
1994 Bob Hope Christmas Show: Hopes for the Holidays, The (TV film)
Radio Star - die AFN-Story
That Little Monster
Young Comedians: Making America Laugh (TV film)
1993 Stand Up Life, A (TV film)
1992 Comedy in Bloom (TV film)
1987 Emmanuel Lewis: My Very Own Show (TV film)
1986 Dokonalá vražda (TV film)
1985 Bob Hope Buys NBC? (TV film)
Špióni jako my
1981 Bob Hope Comedy Special, The (TV film)
Bob Hope Funny Valentine Special, The (TV film)
George Burns' Early, Early, Early Christmas Special (TV film)
1980 Bob Hope's All-Star Birthday Party (TV film)
Lucy Moves to NBC (TV film)
Where Have All the Children Gone (TV film)
1979 The Muppet Movie
1977 George Burns One-Man Show, The (TV film)
1976 Joys (TV film)
1972 Cancel My Reservation
1970 Jack Benny's Twentieth Anniversary Special (TV film)
1969 How to Commit Marriage
Roberta (TV film)
1968 Kde vzít za války pivo
1967 Osm na útěku
1966 Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show, The (TV film)
S mojí ženou ne!
The Oscar
Špatné číslo
1965 Bob Hope Christmas Show (TV film)
Cesta do Švédska
The Jack Benny Hour (TV film)
1964 A Global Affair
1963 Call Me Bwana
Vlastní žena se nekritizuje
1962 The Road to Hong Kong
1961 Bachelor in Paradise
Bing Crosby Show, The (TV film)
1960 Fakta života
1959 Alias Jesse James
The Five Pennies
1958 Pařížské prázdniny
1957 Beau James
The Edsel Show (TV film)
1956 Showdown at Ulcer Gulch
That Certain Feeling
The Iron Petticoat
1955 The Seven Little Foys
1954 Casanova's Big Night
Screen Snapshots: Hollywood's Invisible Man
1953 Here Come the Girls
Off Limits
Scared Stiff
1952 Největší představení na světě
Road to Bali
Screen Snapshots: Hollywood on the Ball
Son of Paleface
1951 My Favorite Spy
The Lemon Drop Kid
1950 Fancy Pants
1949 Sorrowful Jones
The Great Lover
1948 Bledá tvář
1947 KTLA Premiere (TV film)
Má oblíbená brunetka
Road to Rio
Variety Girl
Where There's Life
1946 Monsieur Beaucaire
1945 Příběh pěšáka G.I. Joe
Road to Utopia
The All-Star Bond Rally
1944 Princezna a pirát
1943 Let's Face It
Na titulní stránce
Strictly G.I.
1942 Bob's Busy Day
My Favorite Blonde
Road to Morocco
Star Spangled Rhythm
1941 Caught in the Draft
Louisiana Purchase
Nothing But the Truth
Road to Zanzibar
1940 Road to Singapore
Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 6
The Ghost Breakers
1939 Never Say Die
Some Like It Hot
The Cat and the Canary
1938 College Swing
Don't Hook Now
Give Me a Sailor
Thanks for the Memory
The Big Broadcast of 1938
1936 Calling All Tars
Shop Talk
1935 Double Exposure
Old Grey Mayor, The
Soup for Nuts
Watch the Birdie
1934 Going Spanish
Paree, Paree

TV seriály

1999 JAG (TV seriál) - a.z.
Duchové Vánoc dávno minulých (S05E11) - a.z.
1992 Simpsonovi (TV seriál)
Líza královnou krásy (S04E04)
1991 Roseanne (TV seriál)
Tolerate Thy Neighbor (S04E05)
1989 The Golden Girls (TV seriál)
You Gotta Have Hope (S04E17)
1976 M*A*S*H (TV seriál) - a.z.
Probuzení (S04E24) - a.z.
1968 Cilla (TV seriál)
1967 Dee Time (TV seriál)
1963 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (TV seriál)
1959 Sunday Showcase (TV seriál)
1958 A Christmas Night with the Stars (TV seriál)
1954 Home (TV seriál)
1951 Chesterfield Sound Off Time (TV seriál)


2017 I Am Battle Comic - a.z.
The Fabulous Allan Carr - a.z.
2016 O.J.: Made in America (TV seriál) - a.z.
2008 Frank Sinatra Show, The - The Premiere Episode
2007 100 Greatest Stand-Ups (TV film) - a.z.
Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project - a.z.
The Comedy Map of Britain (TV seriál)
2006 Frankie Laine: An American Dreamer - a.z.
2005 Patriot Act: A Jeffrey Ross Home Movie - a.z.
2004 Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
2003 Christmas from Hollywood - a.z.
2002 Ten kluk bude točit
2001 Cena za mír
War Stories with Oliver North (TV seriál)
1999 The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation
1998 Sugar Ray Robinson: The Bright Lights and Dark Shadows of a Champion (TV film) - a.z.
1997 Bob Hope: Celebrity Bloopers
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's
The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender - a.z.
1996 Bob Hope: Hollywood's Brightest Star - a.z.
Bob Hope: Laughing with the Presidents (TV film)
1995 Golden Anniversary (TV film)
1994 A Century of Cinema
Bob Hope: Happy 91st Birthday, Bob (TV film)
1993 Bob Hope: The First 90 Years (TV film)
Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie (TV film)
1992 Oscar's Greatest Moments
1990 You're the Top: The Cole Porter Story (TV film)
1989 America's All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (TV film)
1988 Entertaining the Troops
The Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind (TV film)
1986 Classic Comedy Teams
NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration (TV film)
1985 Beach Boys: Americká kapela
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (TV film)
1984 Ingrid - a.z.
The Great Standups (TV film) - a.z.
Unrehearsed Antics of the Stars (TV film)
1983 Hollywood's Private Home Movies (TV film) - a.z.
James Bond: The First 21 Years (TV film)
1982 Showbiz Goes to War (TV film) - a.z.
1981 Elvis: Takhle to je! - a.z.
Love Letter to Jack Benny, A (TV film)
1980 Bob Hope's Overseas Christmas Tours: Around the World with the Troops - 1941-1972 (TV film)
1979 Derby-Fieber USA (TV film)
Ken Murray Shooting Stars - a.z.
1978 Bing Crosby: His Life and Legend (TV film)
General Electric's All-Star Anniversary (TV film)
NBC Salutes the 25th Anniversary of the Wonderful World of Disney (TV film)
1976 All This and World War II - a.z.
CBS Salutes Lucy: The First 25 Years (TV film)
NBC: The First Fifty Years - A Closer Look (TV film)
1975 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
1974 Hearts and Minds - a.z.
1972 Hollywood: The Dream Factory (TV film) - a.z.
1969 I Due Kennedy
This Is Tom Jones (TV seriál)
1968 Rowan & Martin at the Movies
Tuesday's Documentary (TV seriál) - a.z.
1967 Mondo Hollywood - a.z.
1965 Hollywood My Home Town - a.z.
1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up - a.z.
The Sound of Laughter
1957 Heart of Show Business, The
Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Star Night
Screen Snapshots: WAIF International Ball
1955 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Beauty
This Is Your Life (TV seriál)
Wide Wide World (TV seriál)
1952 Screen Snapshots: Memorial to Al Jolson
Screen Snapshots: Memories of Famous Hollywood Comedians - a.z.
1951 Cinematographer, The
1950 Cassino to Korea
Screen Actors
You Can Change the World
1948 Behind Your Radio Dial
1947 March of Time Volume 14, No. 1: Is Everybody Listening?
1945 Hollywood Victory Caravan
1943 Combat America
Show Business at War
Welcome to Britain, A
1942 Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 4
1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 6

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TV pořady

2009 1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year (TV pořad)
2004 The 76th Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad)
2003 100 Years of Hope and Humor (TV pořad)
1998 The 50th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV pořad)
1994 Second Annual Comedy Hall of Fame, The (TV pořad)
1993 The 45th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV pořad)
The 65th Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad)
1990 Bob Hope: Don't Shoot, It's Only Me (TV pořad)
Sammy Davis, Jr. 60th Anniversary Celebration (TV pořad)
Tonight Live with Steve Vizard (TV pořad)
1989 The 41st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV pořad)
1988 America's Tribute to Bob Hope (TV pořad)
Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, The (TV pořad)
1987 Bob Hope Winterfest Christmas Show (TV pořad)
1986 Bob Hope's High-Flying Birthday (TV pořad)
1985 Bob Hope Christmas Show, The (TV pořad)
1984 TV's Funniest Game Show Moments (TV pořad)
The 36th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV pořad)
1982 All-Star Birthday Party at Annapolis (TV pořad)
American Film Institute Salute to Frank Capra, The (TV pořad)
Star-Studded Spoof of the New TV Season, G-Rated, with Glamour, Glitter and Gags (TV pořad)
Stars Over Texas (TV pořad)
The 34th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV pořad)
Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny (TV pořad)
1981 All-Star Celebration Opening the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum (TV pořad)
All-Star Comedy Birthday Party from West Point (TV pořad)
All-Star Salute to Mother's Day (TV pořad)
Bob Hope Anniversary Show, The (TV pořad)
Bob Hope Christmas Special, The (TV pořad)
Spring Fling of Glamour and Comedy (TV pořad)
Stand Up and Cheer for the National Football League's Sixtieth Year (TV pořad)
1980 Bob Hope Christmas Special, The (TV pořad)
Bob Hope for President (TV pořad)
Lou Rawls Parade of Stars (TV pořad)
1978 Happy Birthday, Bob (TV pořad)
The 50th Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad) - mod.
Tribute to Mr. Television Milton Berle, A (TV pořad)
1977 Texaco Presents Bob Hope in a Very Special Special: On the Road with Bing (TV pořad)
1976 All-Star Tribute to John Wayne, An (TV pořad)
Donny and Marie (TV pořad)
The Captain and Tennille (TV pořad)
1971 The Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show (TV pořad)
The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World (TV pořad)
1970 Raquel! (TV pořad)
Swing Out, Sweet Land (TV pořad)
1969 The Barbara McNair Show (TV pořad)
The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the World with the USO (TV pořad)
1968 Ann-Margret Show, The (TV pořad)
1967 The 39th Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad) - mod.
1966 The 38th Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad) - mod.
1962 Hollywood: The Fabulous Era (TV pořad)
The Merv Griffin Show (TV pořad)
1960 The 32nd Annual Academy Awards (TV pořad)
1959 Frances Langford Presents (TV pořad)
Jack Benny Hour, The I (TV pořad)
Jack Benny Hour, The II (TV pořad)
The 11th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV pořad)
1952 The Bob Hope Show (TV pořad)
This Is Your Life (TV pořad)
1950 The Colgate Comedy Hour (TV pořad)
1948 Toast of the Town (TV pořad)