Harry 'Snub' Pollard

  • nar. 9.11.1889
    Melbourne, Victoria, Austrálie
  • zem. 19.1.1962 (72 let)
    Burbank, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1963 30 let smíchu - a.z.
1962 Muž, který zastřelil Liberty Valance
1961 Křivák
Miláček žen
Plná kapsa zázraků
Pán světa
S vražednými sklony
Twist Around the Clock
1960 Kdo seje vítr
Studs Lonigan
Twelve Hours to Kill
Who Was That Lady?
Ďáblice v růžovém trikotu
1959 Dobrý den na věšení
1958 In the Money
Once Upon a Horse...
Rock-a-Bye Baby
The Perfect Furlough
True Story of Lynn Stuart, The
1957 Beau James
Domino Kid
Jeanne Eagels
Man of a Thousand Faces
Monkey on My Back
Přítel Joey
Šerifská hvězda
1956 Come Next Spring
Runaway Daughters
The First Traveling Saleslady
1955 Muž se zlatou paží
Pete Kelly's Blues
1954 Country Girl
So You Want to Be a Banker
The Fast and the Furious
Three Hours to Kill
1953 Conquest of Cochise
Hannah Lee: An American Primitive
Ten cizinec měl zbraň
The Glass Wall
Tonight We Sing
1952 Boots Malone
Gents in a Jam
Park Row
Světla ramp
The Kid from Broken Gun
The Old West
The Raiders
Zpívání v dešti
1951 Belle Le Grand
Den, kdy se zastavila Země
Kentucky Jubilee
Královská svatba
Meet Me After the Show
The Barefoot Mailman
The Company She Keeps
1950 Cesta k úspěchu
Stars in My Crown
Tam, kde ulice končí
Vše o Evě
Walk Softly, Stranger
1949 Adamovo žebro
Chicken Every Sunday
Feudin' Rhythm
Square Dance Jubilee
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend
The Crooked Way
1948 Back Trail
Belle Starr's Daughter
Best Man Wins
Family Honeymoon
Isn't It Romantic?
Johnny Belinda
Loaded Pistols
Return of the Bad Men
Sinister Journey
The Luck of the Irish
The Miracle of the Bells
Unknown Island
1947 Bowery Buckaroos
Calendar Girl
Cesta ke hvězdám
Hard Boiled Mahoney
Hollywood Barn Dance
King of the Bandits
Magic Town
Prairie Express
Případ Paradineová
Trail Street
Zázrak v New Yorku
1946 Andy Plays Hookey
Badman's Territory
Chlapec z Brooklynu
Jungle Terror - a.z.
Monkey Businessmen
Partners in Time
Sister Kenny
Society Mugs
The Hoodlum Saint
Till the Clouds Roll by
Uloupený život
1945 Booby Dupes
Milostné dopisy
Riders of the Dawn
Road to Utopia
Rockin' in the Rockies
San Antonio
State Fair
Three Pests in a Mess
Wife Decoy
1944 Americká romance
Ať žije hrdina dobyvatel
Bowery to Broadway
Casanova Brown
Defective Detectives
Easy Life
Girl in the Case
Heather and Yon
His Tale Is Told
Law of the Valley
Lucky Cowboy
Main Street Today
Mrs. Parkington
Show Business
Stalo se zítra
Texas Masquerade
The Conspirators
The Falcon Out West
1943 Clancy Street Boys
Garden of Eatin'
Ghosts on the Loose
He Was Only Feudin'
His Wedding Scare
Hranice temnoty
I Escaped from the Gestapo
Kid Dynamite
Phony Express
Quack Service
Riding High
Sarong Girl
Swingtime Johnny
The Kid Rides Again
1942 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
Baby Face Morgan
Boot Hill Bandits
Bowery at Midnight
Fingers at the Window
Foreign Agent
It Happened in Flatbush
Men of San Quentin
Payoff, The
Stand by for Action
The Gay Nineties
The Yanks Are Coming
They Raid by Night
1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
Confirm or Deny
Federal Fugitives
Mr. Celebrity
Ridin' the Cherokee Trail
1940 Murder on the Yukon
Shooting High
Sky Bandits
The Earl of Chicago
1939 Hollywood Cavalcade
Lure of the Wasteland
Mesquite Buckaroo
Rollin' Westward
1938 Frontier Town
Rollin' Plains
Song of the Buckaroo
Starlight Over Texas
The Utah Trail
Where the Buffalo Roam
1937 Arizona Days
Hittin' the Trail
Jungle Menace
Nation Aflame
Riders of the Rockies
Santa Fe Rides
Sing, Cowboy, Sing
Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts
The Silver Trail
1936 Anything Goes
Crime Patrol, The
Headin' for the Rio Grande
Kapitán January
Special Agent K-7
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand - a.z.
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand
The Black Coin
The Gentleman from Louisiana
Vengeance of Rannah
White Legion
1935 Bars of Hate
Just My Luck
The Drunkard
The Laramie Kid
The Night Is Young
1934 Cockeyed Cavaliers
One More River
The Rawhide Terror
1933 Northern Exposure
1932 Make Me a Star
The Midnight Patrol
The Purchase Price
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
Week-end Marriage
1931 Girls Will Be Boys
One Good Turn
The Road to Singapore
1930 Ex-Flame
1929 Big Shot, The
Sock and Run
Springtime Saps
1928 Men About Town
No Kidding
Once Over
Thick and Thin
1927 Bum's Rush, The
Double Trouble
Mitt the Prince
1926 All Wet
Do Your Duty
Doughboy, The
Old War-Horse, The
Yokel, The
1925 Are Husbands Human?
Are Husbands Necessary?
1924 Big Idea, The
Friend Husband
Get Busy
The City of Stars
Why Marry?
1923 A Tough Winter
Before the Public
California or Bust
Courtship of Miles Sandwich
Dear Ol' Pal
Dig Up
Fully Insured
It's a Gift
It's a Joy!
Jack Frost
Join the Circus
Sold at Auction
The Mystery Man
The Walkout
Wait for Me
Where Am I?
1922 365 Days
Blow 'Em Up
Call the Witness
Days of Old
Do Me a Favor
Down and Out
Full o' Pep
Hale and Hearty
Hook, Line and Sinker
Hot Off the Press
In the Movies
Jump Your Job
Kill the Nerve
Light Showers
Lose No Time
Newly Rich
Pardon Me
Punch the Clock
Some Baby
Stage Struck
Strictly Modern
The Anvil Chorus
The Bow-Wows
The Dumb-Bell
The Old Sea Dog
The Stone Age
Years to Come
1921 At the Ringside
Big Game
Blue Sunday
Bubbling Over
Fellow Romans
Fifteen Minutes
Gone to the Country
High Rollers
His Best Girl
Hocus Pocus
Late Lodgers
Law and Order
Make It Snappy
Name the Day
No Children
No Stop-Over
On Location
Open Another Bottle
Own Your Own Home
Rush Orders
Save Your Money
Shake 'Em Up
Sink or Swim
Spot Cash
Teaching the Teacher
The Bike Bug
The Corner Pocket
The Hustler
The Jail Bird
The Joy Rider
The Killjoys
The Morning After
What a Whopper!
Where's the Fire
Whirl o' the West
You're Next
1920 A London Bobby
All Dressed Up
All Lit Up
All in a Day
Any Old Port
Call a Taxi
Cash Customers
Cracked Wedding Bells
Cut the Cards
Doing Time
Don't Rock the Boat
Don't Weaken
Drink Hearty
Fellow Citizens
Find the Girl
Flat Broke
Fresh Paint
Getting His Goat
Go As You Please
Grab the Ghost
Insulting the Sultan
Jeho výsost Lišák
Live and Learn
Money to Burn
Nearly a Maid
Park Your Car
Raise the Rent
Red Hot Hottentotts
Rock-a-Bye Baby
Run 'Em Ragged
Shoot on Sight
Slippery Slickers
Speed to Spare
The Dear Departed
The Dinner Hour
The Dippy Dentist
The Home Stretch
Trotting Through Turkey
Waltz Me Around
When the Wind Blows
Why Go Home?
You're Pinched
1919 A Jazzed Honeymoon
A Sammy in Siberia
All at Sea
At the Old Stage Door
Back to the Woods
Be My Wife
Before Breakfast
Billy Blazes, Esq.
Call for Mr. Caveman
Chop Suey & Co.
Count Your Change
Count the Votes
Dutiful Dub, The
Giving the Bride Away
Going! Going! Gone!
He Leads, Others Follow
Heap Big Chief
His Only Father
How Dry I Am
It's a Hard Life
Just Dropped In
Just Neighbors
Looking for Trouble
Love's Young Scream
Láska a poesie
Never Touched Me
Next Aisle Over
Off the Trolley
On a mrakodrap
On maratónským závodníkem
On mezi lupiči
On mezi pirátkami
On na farmě
On se chce oženit
On the Fire
Order in the Court
Pay Your Dues
Pistols for Breakfast
Půjdu si po svém
Si, Senor
Soft Money
Spring Fever
Start Something
Swat the Crook
The Floor Below
The Rajah
Tough Luck
Wanted - $5,000
Young Mr. Jazz
1918 Bees in His Bonnet
Bride and Gloom
Chaplinovy trampoty
City Slicker, The
Dvojí únos
Fireman Save My Child
Follow the Crowd
Hear 'Em Rave
Hello Teacher
Hey There!
Hit Him Again
It's a Wild Life
Kicked Out
Kicking the Germ Out of Germany
Lamb, The
Let's Go
Neodbytný hoch
Nothing But Trouble
On a policisté
On fotografem
On jasnovidcem
On na čertově kole
On prodává korsety
On the Jump
Ozark Romance, An
Pipe the Whiskers
Pistolník Gussie
She Loves Me Not
Sic 'Em, Towser
Somewhere in Turkey
Swing Your Partners
Take a Chance
That's Him
The Tip
Two Scrambled
1917 All Aboard
Big Idea, The
By the Sad Sea Waves
Clubs Are Trump
From London to Laramie
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients
Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley
Lonesome Luke's Honeymoon
Lonesome Luke's Lively Life
Lonesome Luke's Lovely Rifle
Lonesome Luke's Wild Women
Lonesome Luke, Lawyer
Lonesome Luke, Mechanic
Lonesome Luke, Messenger
Lonesome Luke, Plumber
Love, Laughs and Lather
Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire
Luke's Busy Day
Luke's Lost Liberty
Luke's Trolley Troubles
On a zrádná čapka
On dědicem
On jest nesmělý
On obsluhuje hosty
On strážníkem
Over the Fence
Rainbow Island
Step Lively
Stop! Luke! Listen!
We Never Sleep
1916 Charlie zlodějem
Lonesome Luke Leans to the Literary
Lonesome Luke Lolls in Luxury
Lonesome Luke, Circus King
Luke Does the Midway
Luke Foils the Villain
Luke Joins the Navy
Luke Laughs Last
Luke Locates the Loot
Luke Lugs Luggage
Luke Pipes the Pippins
Luke Rides Roughshod
Luke and the Bang-Tails
Luke and the Bomb Throwers
Luke and the Mermaids
Luke and the Rural Roughnecks
Luke's Double
Luke's Fatal Flivver
Luke's Fireworks Fizzle
Luke's Late Lunchers
Luke's Lost Lamb
Luke's Movie Muddle
Luke's Newsie Knockout
Luke's Preparedness Preparations
Luke's Shattered Sleep
Luke's Society Mixup
Luke's Speedy Club Life
Luke's Washful Waiting
Luke, Crystal Gazer
Luke, Patient Provider
Luke, Rank Impersonator
Luke, the Candy Cut-Up
Luke, the Chauffeur
Luke, the Gladiator
Them Was the Happy Days!
1915 Bughouse Bellhops
Bunch of Matches, A
Chaplin na pláži
Coat Tale, A
Countless Count, A
Drug Clerk, The
Foozle at the Tee Party, A
Fresh from the Farm
Fun at a Ball Game
Giving Them Fits
Great While It Lasted
His Regeneration
Hot Finish, A
How Slippery Slim Saw the Show
Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster
Peculiar Patients' Pranks
Ragtime Snap Shots
Ruses, Rhymes and Roughnecks
Tale of a Tire
Tinkering with Trouble

TV seriály

1986 The Laurel and Hardy Show (TV seriál) - a.z.
1960 Checkmate (TV seriál)
Klondike (TV seriál)
Outlaws (TV seriál)
Tate (TV seriál)
Thriller (TV seriál)
Perry Mason (TV seriál)
The Case of the Ominous Outcast (S03E24)
1959 Bonanza (TV seriál)
Hotel de Paree (TV seriál)
Johnny Staccato (TV seriál)
Riverboat (TV seriál)
The Untouchables (TV seriál)
1958 Bat Masterson (TV seriál)
The Rifleman (TV seriál)
Wanted: Dead or Alive (TV seriál)
1957 Have Gun - Will Travel (TV seriál)
1955 Alfred Hitchcock uvádí (TV seriál)
Damon Runyon Theater (TV seriál)
Gunsmoke (TV seriál)
Screen Directors Playhouse (TV seriál)
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (TV seriál)
Tales of the Texas Rangers (TV seriál)
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (TV seriál)
1954 Annie Oakley (TV seriál)
It's a Great Life (TV seriál)
Public Defender (TV seriál)
The Lone Wolf (TV seriál)
1952 Death Valley Days (TV seriál)
Hopalong Cassidy (TV seriál)
1951 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV seriál)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV seriál)
1950 Big Town (TV seriál)
Racket Squad (TV seriál)
1949 Fireside Theatre (TV seriál)


1980 Hollywood (TV seriál) - a.z.
1968 Chaplin's Art of Comedy - a.z.
1967 Nestárnoucí smích - a.z.
1963 The Sound of Laughter - a.z.
1961 Dny vzrušení a smíchu - a.z.
1960 Když komedie byla králem - a.z.
1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 20
1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 3


TV pořady

1954 The Donald O'Connor Show (TV pořad)
1949 The Ed Wynn Show (TV pořad)

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