Mike Lally

  • nar. 1.6.1900
    Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
  • zem. 15.2.1985 (84 let)
    Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Herecká filmografie


1978 V kómatu
1976 Twin Detectives (TV film)
1973 Podraz
1967 A Covenant with Death
The Ballad Of Josie
1966 Chamber of Horrors
Krásné šílenství
1965 Velké závody
1964 Ten nejlepší
The Incredible Mr. Limpet
1963 Vlastní žena se nekritizuje
Čtyři z Texasu
1962 Kid Galahad
State Fair
Všechno se hroutí
1961 A Fever in the Blood
Ztracená země
1960 Dannyho jedenáctka
Elmer Gantry
Guns of the Timberland
Na sever Aljašky
Sergeant Rutledge
1959 Hoši z Filadelfie
Příběh z titulní strany
Say One for Me
The Big Circus
Woman Obsessed
1958 Born Reckless
Chci žít!
Mardi Gras
Marjorie Morningstar
Once Upon a Horse...
Sing, Boy, Sing
The Saga of Hemp Brown
The World Was His Jury
Too Much, Too Soon
1957 Jet Pilot
Man of a Thousand Faces
Mister Cory
My Man Godfrey
Nezapomenutelná láska
Peyton Place
Příběh Helen Morganové
Sladká vůně úspěchu
Sundown - město pomsty
Tammy and the Bachelor
The Big Land
The Unholy Wife
1956 Back from Eternity
Best Things in Life Are Free, The
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Bundle of Joy
Meet Me in Las Vegas
Miracle in the Rain
Tea and Sympathy
The First Traveling Saleslady
The Opposite Sex
While the City Sleeps
1955 A Lawless Street
Ain't Misbehavin'
Cell 2455 Death Row
How to Be Very, Very Popular
Miluj mě nebo mě opusť
Muž se zlatou paží
My Sister Eileen
One Desire
Sincerely Yours
Soldier of Fortune
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
The Seven Little Foys
The Shrike
The Spoilers
1954 Dangerous Mission
Executive Suite
Riding Shotgun
She Couldn't Say No
The Student Prince
Three Hours to Kill
1953 Angel Face
Calamity Jane
Call Me Madam
Dangerous Crossing
Down Among the Sheltering Palms
Dream Wife
Dům voskových figurín
Main Street to Broadway
She's Back on Broadway
So Big
Ten cizinec měl zbraň
The Bigamist
The Kid from Left Field
The Long, Long Trailer
The Man Behind the Gun
The System
Trouble Along the Way
Vice Squad
1952 A Girl in Every Port
Against All Flags
April in Paris
Because of You
Bugles in the Afternoon
Carson City
Flesh and Fury
Hoodlum Empire
Kansas City Confidential
Lost in Alaska
Město iluzí
Nebezpečný útěk
Pat a Mike
Poslední rodeo
Sailor Beware
Stop, You're Killing Me
The Jazz Singer
The Las Vegas Story
The Pride of St.Louis
The World in His Arms
Untamed Frontier
We're Not Married!
Without Warning
Zpívání v dešti
1951 Belle Le Grand
Cizinci ve vlaku
Double Dynamite
His Kind of Woman
Hollywood Story
I Was a Communist for the FBI
In Old Amarillo
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison
Iron Man
Let's Go Navy!
Lullaby of Broadway
Meet Danny Wilson
On Dangerous Ground
Operace Pacifik
Santa Fe
So You Want to Buy a Used Car
Storm Warning
The Enforcer
The People Against O'Hara
The Racket
Two Dollar Bettor
Two Tickets to Broadway
1950 Backfire
Between Midnight and Dawn
Cesta bez návratu
Edge of Doom
Emergency Wedding
Gambling House
Kill the Umpire
Lucky Losers
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
Mister 880
Na opuštěném místě
Perfect Strangers
Stříbrný blesk
The Admiral Was a Lady
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady
The Great Jewel Robber
The Secret Fury
Woman in Hiding
1949 A Dangerous Profession
Adventure in Baltimore
Always Leave Them Laughing
Dancing in the Dark
Duke of Chicago
Everybody Does It
Fighting Fools
Flamingo Road
Holiday Affair
Mighty Joe Young
Mr. Soft Touch
My Dream Is Yours
Nádherný pocit
Red, Hot and Blue
So You Want to Get Rich Quick
Streets of Laredo
The Crooked Way
The House Across the Street
The Lady Gambles
The Lucky Stiff
The Story of Seabiscuit
V pasti
Všichni královi muži
1948 An Innocent Affair
Are You with It?
Devil's Cargo
Lulu Belle
On an Island with You
Race Street
Silver River
Smart Girls Don't Talk
So You Want an Apartment
So You Want to Build a House
The Babe Ruth Story
The Velvet Touch
Vysněný dům pana Blandingse
Winter Meeting
Špinavá dohoda
1947 'Fun on a Week-End'
A Likely Story
Desert Fury
Džentlemanská dohoda
Farmářova dcera
Joe Palooka in the Knockout
Kdybych žila znovu
Pryč od minulosti
The Gangster
Tělem a duší
Ulička přízraků
Wild Harvest
1946 Angel on My Shoulder
Below the Deadline
Criminal Court
From This Day Forward
Gallant Journey
Her Kind of Man
Night and Day
The Falcon's Alibi
The Jolson Story
The Searching Wind
Two Years Before the Mast
Život je krásný
1945 Crime, Inc.
Dick Tracy
Dáma ve vlaku
George White's Scandals
Her Highness and the Bellboy
Hitchhike to Happiness
I Love a Bandleader
It's in the Bag!
Sunset in El Dorado
The Great John L.
The Strange Mr. Gregory
1944 A Night of Adventure
Casanova Brown
Dvě děvčátka a námořník
Experiment Perilous
Main Street Today
Practically Yours
The Falcon Out West
The Hairy Ape
The Hitler Gang
The Story of Dr. Wassell
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Together Again
1943 A Lady Takes a Chance
Always a Bridesmaid
Hers to Hold
Hi Diddle Diddle
Old Acquaintance
Stará Oklahoma
The Falcon and the Co-eds
The Fallen Sparrow
The Ghost Ship
The Iron Major
The Mad Ghoul
Veselá tlačenice
1942 Call Out the Marines
Footlight Serenade
Historky z metropole
Příběh z Palm Beach
Rings on Her Fingers
The Falcon Takes Over
The Magnificent Dope
The Mayor of 44th Street
The Navy Comes Through
Wake Island
1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob
All Through the Night
Bedtime Story
Navy Blues
Občan Kane
Ringside Maisie
Road Show
Sucker List
Ďábel a slečna Jonesová
1940 A Fugitive from Justice
Cafe Hostess
Castle on the Hudson
City for Conquest
Cross-Country Romance
Dance, Girl, Dance
Jack Pot
Jezdci noci
Lucky Partners
Married and in Love
Murder in the Air
No Time for Comedy
Sedm hříšníků
Slečna Kitty
Tear Gas Squad
Wildcat Bus
1939 Bouřlivá dvacátá léta
Each Dawn I Die
Full Confession
I Stole a Million
Invisible Stripes
It's a Wonderful World
Melodie na bruslích
Slightly Honorable
The Day the Bookies Wept
The Return of Doctor X
Those High Grey Walls
Torchy Blane... Playing with Dynamite
Twelve Crowded Hours
Zvoník od Matky Boží
1938 Heart of the North
Joy of Living
Over the Wall
Smashing the Rackets
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
The Cowboy and the Lady
The Devil's Party
Torchy Blane in Panama
When G-Men Step In
1937 Give Till It Hurts
Kid Galahad
Pick a Star
Poznamenaná žena
Právě ta žena
Submarine D-1
1936 Adventure in Manhattan
Ceiling Zero
Murder on a Bridle Path
Pekelná loď
The Crime of Dr. Forbes
The Final Hour
The Singing Kid
The Witness Chair
Two-Fisted Gentleman
Wanted! Jane Turner
Úžasná událost
1935 'G' Men
Bad Boy
Grand Exit
If You Could Only Cook
She Couldn't Take It
Special Agent
Strangers All
Sunset Range
The Winning Ticket
To Beat the Band
Unknown Woman
Útěk z Ďábelských ostrovů
1934 Born to Be Bad
Friends of Mr. Sweeney
Gangsterova nevěsta
I've Got Your Number
Marie Galante
Sing and Like It
The Personality Kid
The Richest Girl in the World
We're Not Dressing
1933 Mad Game, The
Professional Sweetheart
The Life of Jimmy Dolan
1932 Ladies of the Jury
Me and My Gal
The Phantom of Crestwood
The Roadhouse Murder
1931 Arrowsmith
Cracked Nuts
Peach O'Reno
1930 The Truth About Youth

TV seriály

1976 Future Cop (TV seriál)
Koroner Quincy (TV seriál)
Columbo (TV seriál)
Staromódní vražda (S06E02)
Kouzelné alibi (S05E05)
1975 Columbo (TV seriál)
Krize identity (S05E03)
Případ diplomatické imunity (S05E02)
1974 Columbo (TV seriál)
Za úsvitu (S04E03)
Obrácený negativ (S04E02)
Osudné cvičení (S04E01)
další epizody (5)
1973 Columbo (TV seriál)
Dvojexpozice (S03E04)
Kandidát zločinu (S03E03)
To je vražda, řeklo portské (S03E02)
další epizody (5)
1972 Search (TV seriál)
Columbo (TV seriál)
Etuda v černém (S02E01)
Vražda podle plánu (S01E07)
Past (S01E06)
1971 Jimmy Stewart Show, The (TV seriál)
1965 Laredo (TV seriál)
1962 The Dakotas (TV seriál)
The Virginian (TV seriál)
The Twilight Zone (TV seriál)
To Serve Man (S03E24)
1961 The Twilight Zone (TV seriál)
The Silence (S02E25)
1960 Outlaws (TV seriál)
Surfside 6 (TV seriál)
The Twilight Zone (TV seriál)
The Big Tall Wish (S01E27)
1959 Bonanza (TV seriál)
1958 Bat Masterson (TV seriál)
Lawman (TV seriál)
1957 Maverick (TV seriál)
Sugarfoot (TV seriál)
Tales of Wells Fargo (TV seriál)
1955 Cheyenne (TV seriál)
Gunsmoke (TV seriál)
Screen Directors Playhouse (TV seriál)
1954 Disneyland (TV seriál)
1952 Adventures of Superman (TV seriál)

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