Zakázaná skořice (S03E07) (epizoda)

  • USA

    Unauthorized Cinnamon

Dobrodružný / Drama / Western

USA, 2006, 50 min

  • Loki_Six

    "Jesus Christ! The fucking gimp finds something useful to do in the fucking brace you made her. Do you think you could treat "Being Johnny"—always struggling to fashion a fuckin' thought? Every fucking night, I, that could cut a throat and sleep the sleep of the just, spend six fucking wakings trying to fill a piss-pot with my dribble and wondering when I got to be so old. [throws swatches down to Doc] Pick a fucking swatch for a spit rag, use the others for masks, and go about your fucking business. I ain't learning a new doc's quirks!"(8.11.2017)